Our smartphones defines exclusive and user-friendly devices of a new generation with the unique and handy design. These smartphones have been developed adapting the high quality components and innovative engineering technologies.
The process of smartphones development and customization is accomplished in the head office in Czech Republic and regional development and design centers of group of company Flame Group SE. Well-qualified engineers, IT specialists and other professionals with the solid experience and fresh thinking lead all devices preparations procedures. Before the production, all devices are thoroughly tested in Czech R&D center and our other departments. In the process of developing, we also consider to recommendations of IT-specialists from Europe.
The final process of the smartphones production includes the devices assembling and packing on the partners’ factories from China according with the Flame Group technologies and European quality standards. The international certificates and declarations confirm it. The legal licenses for producing are also granted by manufacturers of the key components – chipsets. It provides us with the direct support on any issues and timely preparation of the software updates.
In this way, the end consumer gets in use the reliable, ultimate product at an affordable price.

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